The market of chauvigny

Ah, the Saturday morning market in Chauvigny! When I was a kid, I hated going there, too many people, too much noise, a feeling of suffocation among all those adults. Then, later, much later, I learned to appreciate it. For its practicality, of course. You can find everything you need, food, of course, but also clothes, vacuum cleaners, mattresses, tools, live animals, (everything, I tell you!), including ready-made meals, very practical for the late risers’ lunch.

But there is more, the market is a social network of more than 1000 years of age, we exchange the latest gossip, we spread the most recent rumors, we discuss politics, we learn about disappearances and births, all while having a drink at the temporary refreshment stands. One meets the deputy as well as the student, the retired person as well as the mother, the Englishman passing by as well as the worker, in short, it is a microcosm representative of the society of Chauvigny and its surroundings.

To make the most of it, come early. First of all, it will be easier to park and then you will have more time to talk to the shopkeepers who will not be too busy yet. Don’t forget your shopping bag or basket, it will be precious (no plastic bags distributed).

Payments are most often made in cash, but if you don’t have cash, there are several ATMs on the main street, opposite the market.

Two other markets are present at the same place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings but they propose only food (fruit and vegetables, fish, butcher) with very few stands.

  • Place du marché, in front of the town hall (you can’t miss it!)
  • Every Saturday morning, from 8am to 1pm (large market)
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, from 8am to 1pm (small market)