Park your car in Chauvigny

Parking in Chauvigny (except Saturday morning) is generally not a problem.
In the lower town, the fairground square in the centre can accommodate hundreds of cars. Be careful, on Saturday morning, the day of the big market, the car park is not accessible so take your precautions.
In the medieval town, out of tourist season, you can easily park your car in rue Saint-Pierre, place du vieux-marché, place des châtaigniers or in the large public car park at the end of rue St-Pierre.
During the months of July and August, the medieval town is normally closed to cars (with a terminal at the entrance) and the only solution is then the parking de Bretagne.

How to get to the medieval city

During the season, you cannot drive around the medieval city, so remember to park your car in the available car parks (see above).
If you are parked in the medieval town car park, you are a 5-minute walk from the centre.
If you are parked in the lower town, during the months of July/August, you can take the free shuttle bus into the town centre which will drop you off at the Château des Evêques or Place du Donjon. Finally, the easiest way is on foot. It takes 7 to 8 minutes to reach the center of the medieval city.

Going down to the lower town

From the medieval town, the shortest route to the lower town is as follows:
Head towards the Bishops’ Castle (the one that houses the Eagles’ show). Below the small square, you go down the rue du Crime (you then pass under a small wooden bridge). At the end of this alley, there are two solutions: the rue des Trois-rois on your right will lead you to the town centre, the street on your left will lead you to the public garden or to the “Bon coin Paysan” shop (local products).

Automatic Cash Dispensers

There are none in the medieval city, you will have to go to the lower town where you will find several in the main street.

Shopping for food

There are no food shops in the medieval town, so head for the lower town where you will find a grocery (“carrefour Market”) on the main street (opposite the Notre-Dame church), open every day. There are three bakeries but beware, on Mondays they are all closed. At weekends, think of the Bon Coin paysan (shop of local producers on the route de Saint-Savin, west of the town).
For big shopping, there are three supermarkets at the exit of Chauvigny (you will need a car) : a “Leclerc” and a “Super-U” on the road to Poitiers and an “Intermarché” Zone du Peuron.